Why Literature Matters

Books Rock My World

In our 21st-century world, one might be pressured to believe that literature is no longer a significant form of entertainment. I have compiled here the reasons that I remain passionate about literature and why I believe that it is important in this technological world as it was in previous centuries.

I love stories and I am a strong believer in the idea that human beings are storytellers by nature. The story is what attracts me to different mediums of entertainment like books, movies, television, or plays.

It is my belief that literature is the best way to bring a story to life. Literature is a way of passing our stories down to future generations that provide the reader with a window to the past that reaches as far back as we as a species have been writing things down.

reading-by-the-window-charles-james-lewis Reading by the Window, Charles James Lewis (1830-92)

The Wealth of…

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