Is Language a barrier in Writing?

IDLE MUSER (aka Aditi)

One language sets you in a corridor for life. Two languages open every door along the way.
‒Frank Smith

This is something which has been one of the main worries of the amateur writers or those who want to kick off their writing journey that if their writings are not technically correct, nobody would be interested in reading them. And, unfortunately, that is true to an extent. Yes, technicalities do matter; technicalities are considered while somebody (I do consider) goes through your writing. Won’t your taste spoil quite a lot bit if, while savoring a tasty dish, you chew a tiny raw piece of garlic (those who like garlic, please substitute it with an item you can’t stand) accidentally? Same happens on stumbling upon a technical error in a beautiful story.
In fact, most of the people who contacted me, emailed me to talk about their writing- their worry…

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