A woman behind the veil

IDLE MUSER (aka Aditi)


Mahira always used to wear a black, plain veil; even at her workplace. Nobody ever asked her to not to wear it.

She was from Kashmir and had recently shifted to Chennai for her work. But she didn’t shift alone; her husband- what he seemed to, at least, people around- did too. Nobody ever saw Mahira without Saif or Saif without Mahira. Both were the employees of the same company, both worked in the same department, both were seen holding hands while walking outside the company’s premises, both never ate without each other- what other reasons did anybody need to not to picture them as a couple. But yes, nobody knew for sure if they were a married couple.

Though, if the place from where Mahira hailed was considered, it wasn’t much of a modern society- sending a girl to the other part of the country alone would never have…

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