Franz Kafka- For whom only weird was normal!

IDLE MUSER (aka Aditi)

I am a cage, in search of a bird.
– Franz Kafka

Of late, I read one of the most influential, talked about writers of twentieth century – Franz Kafka! Now, the most important (this importance is solely for my personal reasons) and interesting fact about Kafka that I became aware of the moment I started reading his introduction was his date of birth, which is same as mine; and well, I got too excited about it and told about it to my dad, who laughed at first, and added, ‘When you’ll read him, you will realize how fundamentally different you both are.’ And this was just another push to me to start reading Kafka.

Kafka is primarily known for his absurd, surreal, or what can be generalized as ‘weird’ stories with kooky characters and concepts. There’s a reason why Kafkaesqueterm was coined. While browsing and shuffling around…

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