A Room of One’s Own- Women’s Right to Write!

IDLE MUSER (aka Aditi)

The world did not say to her as it said to them, write if you choose; it makes no difference to me. The world said with a guffaw, Write? What’s the good of your writing?

This book and writer that I’m going to talk about need no introduction. Virginia Woolf has been a much talked about writer from the course of twentieth century. I had heard of her ‘Mrs. Dalloway’ and had planned to read it but somehow chanced upon ‘A Room of One’s Own’ before and hence this review.


Evolution’ and ‘Feminism’ are the two terms that can suffice the context of this book. But let’s get a bit deeper into it.

Whenever I get introduced to new writers (writers which I’m reading for the first time), I love to get to know about them (which isn’t unusual for any bibliophile)…

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