About Lilaia Moreli

With a rampant imagination from my early childhood, it was only natural to walk down the path of writing. Writer, poet and essayist, I enjoy all forms of expression. Literature has the unique ability to bind together the living and the dead, creating a symphony of millions of voices beyond space and time, and it’s both an honour and a blessing to be one of the voices taking part in this.

Living in one of the sunniest corners of the world, I hold a BA in English Language and Literature and I’m currently working towards a BA in Spanish Language and Literature. When not analyzing the works of other writers, I either read obsessively or rack my brain in order to fill the blank page with the musings of my own soul.

I’ve found that the writing journey is a magical and fascinating rite of passage that transforms the individual, and I can only hope that this transformation will never come to an end. Crafting stories is a fruit of a personal need, but if I manage to snare a publisher in the process, that will be a bonus.